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Everything you need to know prior to booking your appointment;

Cosmetic Tattooing is a semipermanent procedure, where the pigment gets implanted into the upper layer of the dermis. It can last anywhere between 1 - 3 years. We advise 12-18 month touch ups to keep the colour looking fresh.

All of our procedures include:

- A face to face consultation when you come in for your appointment.

- Face measuring and stencilling to create the perfect frame for your individual facial features.

- Custom pigment colour match.

- Topical anaesthetic prior and during your procedure.

- An aftercare pack with all the information you need for immediate and long term care as well as an antiseptic tattoo aftercare cream.

Please keep in mind that all procedures require a 4-8 week perfecting session. In this session we assess how your tattoo healed, assess colour and retention and touch up any imperfections! 

Please allow 2-2.5 hours for your Cosmetic Tattooing procedures.


We use a wide range of Tina Davies and Permablend pigments. Using the most experienced chemists and cosmeticians in the industry, Permablend is grounded with safety first. With a tattooing bloodline of over 50 years and decades of experience and a lifetime of work, it passes the resAP 2008 regulations for Europe and is sterilised by gamma radiation. The ingredients are a combination of pigments, glycerin, witch hazel, aqua, rosin, benzyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol. Pigments are vegan and cruelty-free.

Old Tattoo

If you've had your brows previously tattooed elsewhere, please fill out our online consultation form and attach the photos of your current tattoo with no eyebrow makeup on and in good lighting. If your previous tattoo was done correctly, overtime it should have faded without leaving scarring or saturation of the pigment in the skin. If this is the case then we can most likely touch up your brows. If you had your procedure done elsewhere, you are considered a new client and will need to book in a new client procedure. If your previous tattoo is still very dark and the shape is very uneven you may require laser or saline tattoo removal. Please do NOT avoid this step just because you want beautiful brows straight away. We cannot successfully cover blue/green brows, black brows, uneven brows, deep saturated and scarred brows. 

Topical Anaesthetic

Topical anaesthetic is applied as soon as you arrive for your procedure. It may contain; Lignocaine, Tetracaine, Prilocaine and Epinephrine. Majority of clients experience little to no pain during these procedures.

What to avoid prior to your procedure

- Botox/Fillers for 2 weeks

- Face treatments (Skin needling, Chemical peels etc) for 2 weeks

- Using Retinol/AHA's on your brow area for 2 weeks

- Fish oil for 2 weeks

- Alcohol, caffeine or blood thinners (Ibuprofen, Aspirin) for 48 hours 

What to avoid post your procedure

- Heavy sweating (gym) for at least 48 hours

- Getting your eyebrows wet  for 5 days

- Applying eyebrow makeup for 5 days

_ Saunas, spas, pools & sun exposure for 2 weeks

The healing process

Please keep in mind that all cosmetic tattooing needs to go through a natural healing process. When we implant the pigment into the upper layer of the dermis your body will recognise a trauma to the skin and a healing process will begin immediately as red and white blood cells rush to the area to heal the wound.

The day after your procedure, the pigment will darken 1-2 shades and this is generally the scariest day for most clients (although some love the boldness). This is because scabs are starting to form. Scabs form to prevent bacteria from entering the wound and to pull the skin together again (which is why your tattoo slightly shrinks during the healing stages). 

This darkness and boldness can last up to 5/6 days. When you feel an itch, that's generally a sign that the scabs are ready to fall off. This stage is crucial for the healing process. You MUST NOT pick, scratch or remove any of the scabs. Scabs will fall off naturally as you cleanse your skin gently morning and night from day 5 onwards. If you pick a scab that is not ready to be removed, the skin will once again recognise a trauma and the healing process will start over. It will most likely leave the tattoo looking uneven and patchy.

When the scabs start to fall off the brows will look slightly patchy. As the thicker scabs fall off we are left with dry, flaky skin on top of our tattoo which makes it look light. Scabs will generally fall off within 2 weeks and then the pigment will slowly resurface as your skin NATURALLY exfoliates. 

Keep in mind that the results of your tattoo will only be visible 4/5 weeks after your session, as that's when the deeper skin healing will be complete. 

We then see you for a perfecting session and evaluate any changes that need to be made (we can always darken or thicken your tattoo)  or just touch up any minimal imperfections.

Payment options

- Cash

- Eftpos

- In store Afterpay


Right outside. No limit and no charge parking.

A $150 deposit is required to secure your booking. All deposits are strictly NON-REFUNDABLE. Any changes to your booking must be made at least 48 hours prior or you will simply forfeit your deposit.

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