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The Team


Founder & Owner

Tasha Canino


Senior Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Diana Bentancor

Diana Bentancor has over 4 years of experience in the PMU industry and has treated thousands of clients. Diana has also trained with some of the best artists in Australia and world wide such as Tina Davies, Shay Danielle and Andrea Darby.

Diana is available every Tuesday from 10:15am - 7:30pm.

Diana is extremely artistic and has an eye for detail, ensuring that you get that perfect, natural look you have in mind. Specialising in Eyebrow feathering, Blade & Shade technique, Lash liner tattoo and Full lip tattoo.

Honesty, patience and professionalism are all highly valued by Diana, amongst the ability to develop an understanding of each unique client so that she can create natural, personalised eyebrows, meeting the specific needs of each individual. 

Diana was born and raised in Melbourne and is mum to a beautiful 6 year old girl, Mia. 

With a positive outlook on life, Diana is a wonderful addition to our work environment. She will make you feel safe, at ease and completely comfortable with the procedure, taking the time to answer all your questions thoroughly and clearing any doubts you may have. Not to mention endless laughs with clients that wish to take their mind off the procedure!

Tasha is an accredited and internationally trained Cosmetic Tattoo Artist with over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry. Tasha ran her own successful Beauty Salon in Italy for over 10 years before moving back to Melbourne for love.

Tasha has trained with some of the best international and national renown PMU artists such as the Master of Super Realistic Eyebrows, Ennio Orsini in Italy, Toni Belfatto, trainers from the German company Wilde Cosmetics and LCN Cosmetics in PMU Lips, Eyeliner, Microblading & Powder brows, Tina Davies in colour corrections and colour theory, Shay Danielle in powder brows and Georgie Westley from Distinctive Features in colour corrections.

Tasha moved back to Melbourne in 2018, where she was born and raised. Since then she worked at one of Victoria's leading Cosmetic Tattoo Clinics, 'Mien Brows' located in Camberwell. She has now opened a home studio in Ashburton where she is  available from Monday-Friday. 

Tasha specialises in Eyebrow feathering, Powder brows, Combination brows, Lash liner and Lip blush tattooing. For those who aren't ready for Cosmetic Tattooing, we also offer services like Brow Laminations, Sculpts & Tints. 

She works with passion and always strives to achieve the best possible natural results for her clients. Her goal is to enhance your natural beauty and to create whatever it is you envision. She likes to dedicate a lot of time in explaining the procedure, aftercare and healing stages so that you feel comfortable knowing you are in safe hands. In return she loves to know what you'd like to achieve and takes her time in working with you to create the brows you've always desired! 

Over the years she has learnt and combined many different measuring and stencilling techniques that help us achieve symmetry and balance to your facial features and bone structure. 

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